Bob Katz’s K System in Monitoring

How To Make Better Recordings in the 21st Century – An Integrated Approach to Metering, Monitoring, and Leveling Practices.  (includes a description of the K-System, an integrated system of metering and monitoring)  Updated from the article published in the September 2000 issue of the AES Journal by Bob Katz  A: Two-Channel   For the last […]


$25,000 Fairlight CMI Synthesizer Coming To iPad, iPhone

The iOS Fairlight CMI app offers most of the features of the original Fairlights, but not the 25K price tag. It can also do some things that were never possible on the original Fairlight CMIs, because of the additional computing power afforded by iOS devices.

Above, Fairlight CEO Peter Vogel demonstrates the Fairlight CMI app running on an iPad.


Stutter Edit By BT & iZotope Introduced

Stutter Edit’s features revolve around a live sampling engine that lets producers, laptop performers and other musicians manipulate audio in real time. Stutter Edit slices audio into small fragments and sequences the pieces into rhythmic effects. Results can range from jarring to subtle.

What a great Plugin….


Pacarana—Supercomputer for Sound – Kyma

Pacarana—Supercomputer for Sound    Most powerful sound design workstation on the planet  That’s what Electronic Musician magazine calls the Kyma sound design environment. Future Music calls it the Holy Grail of sound design. Kyma’s strength arises from its unique set of algorithms, the ease with which you can create endless combinations of those algorithms, and […]