MASTERING IS THE FINAL creative step in the artistic process of recording and involves assembling the artist’s mixes into a finished presentation. The result is an equalized, leveled, and sequenced master for replication as CD, hi res release, vinyl, audio for picture, or compressed download. The human ear traoned for critcal listening is the most important stage in this process.

Critical to achieving great results consistently is the wealth of analog and digital tools at our disposal, all within a custom-designed and -built hi res monitoring environment.

Mastering Samples

Please Listen to our Before and After MP3 Samples to see what Mastering can do for you.
Remember, these are only MP3’s at 320kbps…Your CD will sound even better!

Important…Please adjust your playback system to a medium level.

Mastering Examples click here

We use only the finest Digital and Analog Mastering Equipment:

Monitoring Compressor/EQ/Preamp
Adam S3A Monitors Focusrite EQ’s, Compressors and Limiters
B&W Nautilus 802 Speakers Manley Stereo Variable Mu – Mastering Version
Sennheiser HD-850 Neve 1073 EQ’s
Sennheiser HD-650 Sontec Eq

SSL Stereo Buss Compressors
Preamp Ubk Clariphonic
Demeter HXM-1 HX Series Ubk Fasto

Software Plugins Software
AirEQ 5.1 Pro-Tools 8 Audio Workstations
bx_digital TDM Bias Peak Pro
Flux Mastering Plugins
McDSP Emerald Pack
Sonnox Oxford Elite Plugins
Waves Mercury Collection
SPL Plugins