$25,000 Fairlight CMI Synthesizer Coming To iPad, iPhone

Fairlight CMI synthesizer on iPad

At the 2011 NAMM Show, Fairlight offered a preview of their upcoming iOS version of the Fairlight Computer Music Instrument.

The iOS Fairlight CMI app offers most of the features of the original Fairlights, but not the 25K price tag. It can also do some things that were never possible on the original Fairlight CMIs, because of the additional computing power afforded by iOS devices.

Above, Fairlight CEO Peter Vogel demonstrates the Fairlight CMI app running on an iPad.

We asked Vogel about CoreMIDI support and he said that the initial release will not have it, but that it may be coming later.

Here’s a video of the Fairlight CMI synth app in action:

Vogel said that the Fairlight CMI sampling synth app has been submitted to the app store and will sell for about $50.


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