Soundtoys – The Devil-Loc Official Contest


The History
It started at the TapeOp SXSW Party in Austin. Attendees got an ominous card with a code to download a free copy of Devil-Loc, and a sharing code to tempt their friends into getting it for free, too. So the first step is to find a code.

Check the forums, check FaceBook, check everywhere cause that code gets you the free plug-in and gets you your own sharing code. Then you can give yours to all your friends and they can get it free, too. Plus, each soul you sign up with your code, get’s you closer to earning more free stuff. Free bundles, t-shirts and upgrades to the true master of evil, Devil-Loc Deluxe: Pure Evil Compressor. The deluxe model turns up the heat and takes you to never before achieved levels of madness and horror, and it sounds real cool, or uh, hot.

The Details

•Each person who registers one of SoundToys “Sharing Codes” gets a free copy of Devil-Loc: Level Tormenter.
•Each registered user is issued their own unique “Sharing Code” and each person who registers with your code (then downloads the iLok authorization) counts toward your score for winning more prizes (see list of Prizes below)

The Rules

•You have to have an iLok USB key and active account. – What’s An iLok?
•You have to have or create a SoundToys User account at our webpage.
•You have to have a valid “Sharing Code” to get the software.
•You can post your code to forums, social network sites, email blasts, whatever you want to do to get more people using your code.
•Only codes redeemed and iLoks authorized before April 1st EST will be accepted.

Dead line is March 31st. After that, contest over, all evidence disappears like it never happened. We’ll announce the winners so they can gloat, and we’ll have some special deals for those who, uh, didn’t perform as well.

Contest rankings will be updated once daily and are calculated using a VERY complex 2-variable algorithm that we can’t even start to explain. To check your contest stats, login to your account. You will see # of shares, # of downloads and your overall ranking. Keep in mind that downloads are the most important aspect of your score. No downloads, no score. So you might want to poke your sharing friends with your finger or maybe ….. A PITCHFORK!!!

The Prizes
One Grand Prize winner: Your choice of SoundToys TDM Effects or SoundToys Native Effects AND a free upgrade to Devil-Loc Deluxe: Level Evilizer AND an awesome SoundToys T-Shirt.

Two Runner-up Winners: SoundToys Native Effects and a free upgrade to Devil-Loc Deluxe AND an awesome SoundToys T-Shirt.

The top 10 get free upgrades to Devil-Loc Deluxe and an awesome SoundToys T-Shirt.

Everyone else who got Devil-Loc authorized in time gets a special break on the upgrade to Devil-Loc Deluxe and the good feeling of knowing they tried their best but lost anyway.

Here is the code

Your Sharing Code: 217-0580-674

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