Mothership Collective


Long before any on earth knew of THE FUNK The Mothership was enroute with the first ambassadors of FUNK: P FUNK Family, Lead By Starchild. After planting the FUNK on earth Starchild and Sir Nose( De-Void of Funk) began and epic battle of FUNK over wackness; Starchild, after emerging the victor in that apocalyptic clash of the titans takes one of the Brides Of Funkenstein to be his matriarch as they evolved into the fabric of the FUNK…Their union, insuring that any opponent of the FUNK would be vanquished into the nothingness . A new villian has emerged..threatning the FUNK! From the west brings Sonin! Much like his Father (Sir Nose) despises the FUNK and all who follow it. From the unseemly underground emerges The Mothership! Guided by A new generation of defenders THE COLLECTIVE.
So feel free to stay tuned to the ever growing saga ….and dont be shy leave a comment or two…

The Mothership Collective

Nickle Bag Of Tech2.2.0 1.1 – Master – Mothership Collective by Mothership Collective Mastered by E

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